A Big Thank You to Church Grounds Volunteers — And More to Do

Thanks to Elaine Imlau, Kent Newman, and Sachiko Murphy for their hard work clearing the flower beds on the north side of the church. And thanks to Sue Huber and Sandy Simmons for helping me weed the Pollinator Garden.
A large load of mulch is being delivered to the church Saturday, June 27, for these areas, and several other beds around the church. We are calling for volunteers to help us haul the bags with wheelbarrow and spread the mulch Saturday afternoon or Sunday, if possible. If you are available, contact Diane Ford at grounds@ucdsm.org.
Other volunteers are regularly helping out on the grounds and are much appreciated. Ann Mowery, Al Powers, Bruce and Barb Martin pick up litter on a regular basis. Sean Morrow comes weekly to help tame the weeds.
Sue Huber and Amanda and Alan Kruse have “adopted” the Peace Pole Garden, and Elaine Imlau and Kent Newman “adopted” the bed under the oaks. Rich and Jody Anderson are helping monitor the Pollinator Garden.
There are still several planted areas that could use some weeding throughout the season on a regular basis, like the Memorial Garden. There are big projects like finishing the retaining wall on the west side entrance, and small projects like sweeping out the garden shed and the back staircase area and the walkways around the building. We need help keeping the weeds and mud runoff off the patio. And there are always tasks that pop up throughout the season.
If you have any time to volunteer on the grounds, please contact Diane Ford, grounds@ucdsm.org.