A Letter from the Board

Dear Members and Friends of First Unitarian,

It is has been a hard couple weeks for our church.

As a community we grieve the losses of staff members whom we have come to love and respect. Time will help us heal and begin anew.

The Board of Trustees thanks Rev. Erin for her years of dedicated work to further the mission and vision of First Unitarian. Her ability to support our community in times of need was a wonderful strength. We wish the best for Rev. Erin and her family in their future endeavors.

Please join us on Sunday, September 8, during the services, when there will be a good-bye and thank you ritual for Erin.

We thank Laura Berardi for being the face of First Unitarian for visitors and new members. It was always great to see Laura’s friendly face at church on Sunday morning, making us all feel welcome and important. We will miss you.

We also thank Tracy Beck for her more than 10 years of dedicated service developing great educational programs for both children and adults. We thank you, Tracy, for all that you have given First Unitarian and we wish you the best in your new position at the Ray Center.

The Board of Trustees wants to be more engaged with members and friends of this church. We know that the members past, present, and future are the moral owners of this church, and the Board wants to represent you with greater clarity. To do this, we need to know what you are thinking, dreaming, or wishing for our church this year.

Please join us for a one hour work session after services (10:30 or 12:25) on Sunday, September 29, or Wednesday, Oct 2nd at 6:00 p.m. to share with the Board your dreams, wishes, and ideas.

For more than 140 years First Unitarian Church of Des Moines has been a home for liberal religion in Des Moines. We will continue to be the beacon for those seeking out a liberal religious community that welcomes all.

Board of Trustees,
Sue Huber, Patty Notch, Bill Brauch, Gene McCracken, Sara Jensen, Katherine Vance, Patty Notch, Mike Lauer, Heidi Mannetter, Scott Clair