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Stone Soup

9:15 & 11 am

The old story of Stone Soup tells of two weary travelers who arrive in a small village and unexpectedly bring a community together under the guise of making a delicious soup from stones.To make this story come to life, we’re encouraging everyone who can to bring pre-cut veggies to add to the pot (from which volunteers will make a veggie soup for delivery to home-bound members), as well as non-perishable food to support our children with their food drive to benefit families in need in the Des Moines community. This participatory service will engage young and old alike in this important tale and also offer food to the hungry.

Special music by the Bell Ave. Ringers – Ash Grove

Remembering, Resisting, Resilient

9:15 & 11 am
Celebrant: Katy Phillby

November 20th marks the day when members of transgender communities worldwide honor and remember those who were killed due to anti-transgender violence. But for some it is also a day when we not only honor the spirit of remembrance, but those of resistance and resilience as well. As a spiritual community of memory, join us in remembering the victims of transphobic violence in the previous year, and also in turning our energy to the acts of resistance and resilience – looking not only to what has passed, but to what emerges around us.

Special music