Comfortably Numb

9:15 am and 11 am

There can be a surfeit even of horror. What do we do when we expect a break which never comes? How do we defend against insidious numbness to the problems of the world?

Enter, Rejoice, and Come In

9:15 am and 11 am

Celebrant, Bill Brauch

What does it mean to offer the outsider, the stranger, the immigrant, or the neighbor radical welcome? How do we let go of ownership and embrace inclusion? Can everybody really expect welcome? Join Rev. Amy Shaw in exploring … read more.

Everyday Avengers

9:15 am and 11 am

Celebrant, Kate Allen

When events of today swirl around us like a rising tide of doom, we may wish for superheroes to come and save the day. But sometimes superheroes need a helping hand. Join Lyra Halsten and learn how we … read more.

Finding the Way Home

9:15 am ONLY (no 11 am service today due to 2 pm Installation service)

Celebrant, Martha Sherick Shen

Home is where your heart is; it’s a place that waits for you to discover that you belonged there all the time. Come and be welcome, and … read more.

Installation of Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw

2 pm

Celebrant, Martha Sherick Shen

Please Join us for this special Installation Service for our Senior Minister Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw. Come and celebrate! Reception to follow the service.