From Congregation to Community: Looking In, Reaching Out

10 am; Celebrant: Gabrielle Eaton

What does it mean to build community? The most radical action might be to talk with another, to hear one another’s stories of pain and hope from our own lives.
This week we will create an opportunity for you to speak and listen as part of our time together. Plan to share your concerns about life in Central Iowa, about how you are affected by our institutions of church, work, school, and city. Let us begin the conversation: What can we do to make our community work for all?

Looking for Resilience When There is No Way Out

10 am; Celebrant: Kate Allen

Challenged by uncertainty, loss, and major depression, long-time member Lyra Halsten uses movie references and music to illustrate her story of what resilience looks like as she searches for a way out of no way.

The Other Road

10 am; Celebrant: Barb Martin

In life, we usually are content or set on the path we are on. Many of us travel this road unaware of the possibility that everything about our life can change in the blink of an eye, forcing us to another road where the rules are different and we must learn to adapt.

Ready or Not, Here We Come

10 am; Celebrant:Marian Stimson

Join church member Nina Richtman, as she shares her journey of parenthood through foster care and a winding path towards understanding mental illness. What started small has evolved into a deeply spiritual journey which has been, and continues to be, life changing on a large scale. How do we tackle stigma? What will it take to change perceptions on mental illness? Can we drive change through sharing our stories? Join Nina for some thoughtful contemplation.

Finding Our Way

10 am; Celebrant: Chris Paxson

There may be times in life when we find ourselves in the midst of chaos with no apparent way to turn….where the path is unclear and hope has abandoned us. It is a Dark Experience, but, we can offer each other strength and hope.

Kate and Martha share the story of their personal journey through a dark, chaotic time in their life and tell how they found the courage to reach out and find a new direction.