Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw

Senior Minister

The Reverend Amy Petrie Shaw brings a vibrant voice and dynamic presence to Unitarian Universalist ministry and is unafraid to share a gospel of Love based on radical welcome and intersectional inclusion. She is not about “a casual faith,” but about a living faith; she calls the world to deep and meaningful connection, lived values, and sacred experience which nourishes the mind and soul.

She says, “I answered the call to ministry because the cavalry isn’t coming. We have to be the heroes we have been waiting for.”

Shaw is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School. She currently serves our Association as both the Senior minister for First Unitarian Church Des Moines, Iowa, and as a Regional Transitions Specialist for the MidAmerica Region. Nationally, Rev. Shaw is honored to serve as volunteer conflict resolution specialist (Dedicated Good Officer) for TRUUsT (Transgender Religious professional UUs Together).

Amy came to ministry after a career as a college professor and nurse executive, specializing in facility restructuring, fund raising, and crisis management. Born in rural Kentucky, she spent her formative years blissfully poking at things with sticks, falling into creeks, and being bitten, stung, pinched, or chased by random samples of local wildlife, leading of course to a life-long love of nature and the outdoors. Shaw is genderqueer, Middle Eastern/white, and hearing-impaired.

Rev. Shaw lives in West Des Moines with her beloved friends and co-conspirators Nancy and Doug, and with The Dippy Cat, Nike the Great, and Marshmallow the Outdoor Invader Cat. In her spare time she loves to see and create art, write humor bits about The Dippy Cat, and occasionally throw tomahawks competitively.