The members of the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) were approved at the June 3, 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting. The purpose of the MSC is to call a ministerial candidate by early May 2019.


The Ministerial Search Committee pledges to:

  • Act with integrity in all interactions and communications with the BOT, congregation, staff, UUA Transitions Office and staff, and prospective ministers.
  • Commit to join accountability, including communicating with the BOT, congregation, and staff with a single voice.
  • Proceed in a fair, nondiscriminatory manner.
  • Follow, as appropriate, guidelines outlined in the UUA Ministerial Settlement Handbook and Resources Guide.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all meeting discussions and candidates, yet share all process information with the Board of Trustees, congregation, and staff in a transparent and timely manner.
  • Actively seek the congregation’s desired attributes in a new minister
  • Represent, to the best of our abilities, the whole congregation.
  • Honestly convey a complete picture of the congregation to candidates while shining a positive light on all aspects of the congregation’s activities and accomplishments.
  • Engage with candidates in thoughtful, mutual exploration, seeking a felt “call” as a match with the congregation’s expressed needs and hopes in their new minister.
  • Verify, to the best of our abilities, the representations made by candidates, mindful of the congregation’s trust and safety.
  • Maintain a budget within the allocated search funds.

Committee Covenant

The Minsterial Search Committee agrees to:

  • Work cooperatively
  • Treat one another as equals
  • Test assumptions
  • Ask questions
  • Take the time we need
  • Share relevant information
  • Be transparent
  • Listen deeply
  • Model true collaboration
  • Seek to point out inconsistencies
  • Acknowledge things we appreciate that others are or have done
  • Adopt an open, curious stance regarding one another’s thoughts
  • Use specific examples to help explain what we mean
  • Work to come to a common understanding of what important words and concepts mean
  • Explain our reasoning and intent
  • Focus on needs, hopes, and concerns, and not positions
  • Combine inquiry with advocacy
  • Discuss undiscussable issues
  • Use a decision making method that generates the level of commitment needed
  • Plan to laugh together and use humor whenever possible

To learn more about the MSC members and their work, click the links below: