AMOS Children’s Mental Health Update

It’s been a busy month for those of us who are working to improve the mental health of children. We are currently focusing on two areas. The first is continuing our work with the Des Moines City Council to use money from a potential one-cent sales tax increase to help fund a Children’s Mobile Crisis Team and Observation Center. This is a crucial, unmet need in Des Moines. The second area we have been working on is developing a pilot project for Stowe Elementary that would enable both staff and students to more effectively manage mental health/trauma issues. We have been researching what the current needs are and schools, teachers or programs that have had successes. If you are interested working to improve either or both of these critical needs, please join us at our next meeting. November 8th, 6:00-7:30 pm at Grace United Methodist Church, 3700 Cottage Grove in the library. For more information, contact (Co-chair, AMOS Children’s Mental Health Team).