AMOS Supports Children’s Mental Health

Thank you for your efforts in the AMOS Children’s Mental Health Postcard Campaign! The AMOS Mental Health Team will be collating and delivering the postcards over the next few weeks. It goes a long way in letting the Iowa Legislature know we expect them to find a feasible monetary solution to provide Children’s Mental Health Services!

Are you ready for the next step?  Join members of the AMOS Children’s Mental Health Team to learn strategies you and your institution can use to help move our lawmakers forward on this important initiative. Learn how easy it is to meet with your legislator for 5 minutes during the next legislative session. And, learn tips on how to do it effectively. The training will be brief and is geared for folks experienced in talking face-to-face with their legislators, but also, novices like many of us!

Come to Walnut Hills United Methodist Church 12321 Hickman Road, Urbandale at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 11.  Hope to see you there!