AMOS Supports Children’s Mental Health

Do you support Children’s Mental Health? Then let us help you tell your state legislators it matters! In 2019, Bill HR690 was approved and signed into law, which approved implementation of Children’s Mental Health Services across Iowa. This was a great start – it mandates services to be provided. But it falls short because it does not provide a funding mechanism to build and provide the services. We need the Iowa Legislature to find a feasible monetary solution that provides for Children, but does not negatively impact Adult services.
Help AMOS tell Legislators that First UU members want support for Children’s Mental Health Services! Fill out a “postcard” to be delivered by your AMOS Reps to legislators. Tell them why you support Children’s Mental Health!
Between Sunday Services – stop by our small booth to take 5 minutes to fill out your postcards. Or, contact Crystal Loving or Linda Krypel. We’ll make sure you can participate!
Interested in more? Join AMOS on 11/11/19 at 7pm for “Talking your Representative & Senator” Training at Walnut Hill United Methodist Church.