An Update on Our Asylum Seeker

Hola and Hello from our asylum seeker, Briana! She would like to report that she is very happy and feels very loved to know there is a community of people who want to help her live her life authentically. She says she feels more like a woman every day and she has never felt better. With more clothing donations coming in regularly, she loves assembling new ensembles and modeling them! She has quite the eye for fashion. Briana is taking English classes twice a week with Sue Huber and is doing great! She loves to cook, go for walks, and we recently hooked her up with a loaner bike – she loves to ride! Lisa and Briana went for a ride to Raccoon River Park and Briana said it was “impresionante” (awesome).
Drake Legal Clinic has agreed to take Briana’s case and represent her through her asylum-seeking process, so that is fantastic news and a huge relief as they will do so at no cost! They will be able to offer us some answers during this confusing process and expertly guide us through the system. In another bit of good news, Briana will be moving into her own apartment July 1 to begin establishing her life here is Des Moines. Briana is both excited and nervous!
Earlier in May, we had a photographer friend come and take some portraits. She got some of us with Briana and some of just Briana herself. Briana was very pleased as these are the first professional photos she has of herself as a woman. Briana is a natural model and her pictures are outstanding! Many thanks for the congregation’s continued support. We still have a long road ahead, but this community is the one to get us there is there ever was one. We will say adios for now. Stay healthy and be well.
Briana & The Ireys