The overall team is growing, and specific support teams are taking shape. More people are always needed. Please join us for our next meeting on Sunday, August 25 at 11:30 in the Mary Safford Room.

Barb and Bruce Martin have volunteered to be the “official” sponsors to get a person (or two) out of detention! They have begun the application process, and could be matched with someone as soon as late August (or not for quite a while longer – we just don’t know).

We are now forming the various teams that will support Barb and Bruce as sponsors and the individual(s) they will sponsor. To volunteer contact Meg Notch, and come to our next meeting.

HousingJane Rongerude is coordinating the effort to find affordable long term housing.

Transportation:  Elaine Imlau is coordinating.  Many people will be needed to provide transportation for doctor & attorney appointments, court dates, grocery shopping, ESL classes, etc.

Financial:  Sally Boeckholt is coordinating a team to raise funds and decide how those funds will be managed.

Legal:  Patty Notch (an attorney) is coordinating.

Education:  Katie Allen is coordinating both team and congregational education.

*NEW* Teaching & LearningMeg Notch is coordinating efforts as might be needed to:

  • help team members learn the asylum seeker’s language
  • if the asylum seeker wants to learn English, help them accomplish that
  • if the asylum seeker comes with a school-age child, help facilitate that transition

Communication:  Barb Royal

This is a congregation-wide effort and we will need lots of people to volunteer – the more who step up, the easier it will be for everyone!