Asylum Update – Interview with Briana

As most of you know, our community has been sponsoring, Briana, a Honduran woman seeking asylum here in the United States. Over the last two months, Briana has moved into her own apartment.  This article is from Briana on her experience in her new home. We hope you enjoy her update and learning more about her.

Thank you to Sue Huber for taking the time to interview and translate.

Without further ado, here is Briana’s update.


What is the favorite part of your new apartment?

I first want to say that I appreciate the support and love of so many people who are helping me be in my own home. I also want to thank Lisa and Megan for sharing their home with me. With all the support from so many, I feel like I am moving forward in my life and I will be successful here in the United States.

In my apartment, I really appreciate having the internet as it allows me to communicate with my family and friends. I have an aunt in Honduras who I talk with all the time through WhatsApp and this makes it all so much easier for me. Overall, the apartment is very comfortable, and I have no needs. Again, I am so grateful for everyone’s support.

What do you like to eat or cook for yourself?

I love to make soups!  I make fish or beef soup, and I put in lots of vegetables including potatoes, plantains, yucca, onions, sweet peppers, chicken bouillon and cilantro. I don’t like spicy foods very much. I also do not eat very many sweet foods.

What new things have you experienced here in Iowa?

The most important thing I am learning is to live by myself, which I have never done before. I have always lived with family or friends.  I, at times, feel lonely, but I am learning to have patience and learn to enjoy time by myself.

What activities or hobbies do you like to do?

I do several hours of exercises every day, and I really enjoy getting stronger and more fit. I have gone for a bike ride and that was wonderful. It was great to get outside, ride through woods, see the river. I would like to go for more bike rides with new friends. I am also wanting to learn more English, as I know it’s important for me to be able to get a good job and move forward with my life.

Again, I want to thank everyone for all their support to allow me to be able to be here in Iowa. Knowing that I have people who have my back makes it so much easier for me to have the patience I need to wait until my paperwork is completed. I also appreciate the legal support I have through Drake University.

How can you help with asylum efforts at First Unitarian?

We are still collecting donations for the ISM fund to help with monthly expenses. To give, please click here and select ISM Asylum Seekers Fund. 

We appreciate the generosity of this community!