August Board Meeting Minutes

Stewardship: Year-round stewardship kicked off Saturday, July 21 with the first of ten upcoming gatherings. Members of the congregation have been sent letters indicating their gathering month.
Lens of the Future: The Lens of the Future Committee has recommended and the Board approved the revised, concise format of procedures. Metrics are now being provided by Current Level 3 restrictions were clarified for indoor meetings, and Lens of the Future Committee will now monitor the risk factors within broader traffic light analogy, Red (1), Yellow (2) and Green (3). These are available on the church’s website.
Kitchen Planning Committee: The Kitchen committee met with architects and are on target to have a completed schematic by October 1. It is anticipated the information will be shared with the congregation sometime in mid-October.
The Board approved the creation of an HR Committee with Reba Eagles, Patty Notch and Scott Emison Clair serving on the committee.
Rev. Amy presented the RE COVID policy which will be used starting with the RE kickoff in September. The policy includes a Kids Language Version.
Rev. Amy reviewed the progress of a Tech Team and related technology to be used once services begin in person and we offer both in person and on line versions..