Beltane Celebration April 29

Sacred Bridges CUUPS is excited to bring about the stories of old Irish folklore/mythos to life and celebrate the return of the sun’s strength with each of you. Join us Saturday, April 29, at 2 p.m. down in the Labyrinth.

A brief explanation of the event: we will gather, and each person will have a strip of cloth/fabric that we all tear/rip, symbolic of no longer needing winter coats, and then use these strips as ribbons. This is an old Beltane tradition.

When we come back together, children and adults alike can dance around our maypole. Finally, to end the time together, we will get to see a sword fight!

This event is family-friendly throughout! Parents, we ask to be sure wee ones don’t run towards the sword fighters as they battle. Sharp and shiny may look like fun but grown-ups know better.