Board Highlights 10/21/21

Hiring:  Rev. Amy, with the assistance of the HR Committee, filled the front desk position.  They have also interviewed and offered the Communications Director position to an individual….fingers crossed the individual accepts.

Financial Oversight Committee has met and reviewed the first quarter financials.  They have identified a few other items to look into.  The Board approved a change to their charter which allows 5-7 members with at least one current Board member but no more than three, and the stipulation that Board members would not out-number non-board members.

Kitchen Committee will be offering a variety of informational meetings via Zoom and in person.  All the information including the plans shared at the October 17th forum (and a recording of the forum) are available on the Board of Trustees page.
If you have questions, please contact any of the kitchen committee members who will be happy to answer them.  Thanks to Ann Mowrey for all her hard work.

Governance Committee will be researching information on creating a church covenant which would outline what we aspire to, how we treat each other, what we hold ourselves to and what being a member means.  In addition, they will be researching alternatives to the expiring Ends Statements which could include goal setting.

Lift Project is a go!  The Board approved the purchase as the bid was within the budgeted amount and what little it may exceed, will be pulled from the capital funds or ADA funds. As a reminder, $60,000 was was received from the Endowment Fund for the funding of this project.  The lift will be ordered next week, arrive in mid-January and should be installed and operating by mid-February.

If you see Al Powers give him a high five as he has worked to bring this to fruition. A video of Al’s presentation is available Buildings and Grounds page on the website.