Board Highlights

Starting today, each month the Board of Trustees will provide you with highlights of its most recent meeting via an issue of Intercom Weekly. During the Board’s December 19 meeting the Board was pleased to pass a motion that the church pay an additional $2147.50 to the UUA over and above the $7000 approved in the yearly budget passed at the 2019 Annual Meeting. Members may recall that budget constraints resulted in a less than full congregational pledge to the UUA this year but that the budget also gave the Board discretion to increase the payment if pledge revenue exceeded pledged income before the 2020 Annual Meeting.
The Board continues to work with Rev. Amy, the staff, and the Accessibility Team to improve accessibility. To that end, Director of Finance and Administration Charlie Lewis obtained estimates for hearing loops to improve the sound in the Auditorium and Channing Hall. In addition, Rev. Amy met with a sound engineer to discuss speaker and soundboard needs in the Auditorium.
The Board appointed three congregational members to join the Board members of the Nominating Committee. The new members are Linda Lemons, Pam Backstrom, and either Nate or Wendy Hoogeveen (Nate and Wendy will let us know which will serve). Finally, the Board approved new Mission and Vision Statements for our church.
The new Mission Statement of Des Moines First Unitarian Church is to:
“Grow ethically and spiritually
Serve justly
Love radically”
The new Vision Statement is:
“To live our values as a welcoming, interconnected congregation where members pursue their ethical and spiritual truths, and are empowered to listen, learn, and speak out as we advocate for justice.”
Look for more references to these Mission and Vision Statements from the pulpit and elsewhere in the life of our church.
Board meeting minutes are more detailed and are usually available about three weeks after each Board meeting on the “Connect” drop-down menu on the church website under “Board of Trustees” and “Board Business.” They become official when approved at the next Board meeting. The next Board meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 16 in Channing Hall. You are all welcome and encouraged to attend.