Board of Trustees July Meeting Summaries

July 16 Summary
  • The Board elected Greg Nichols to serve as Vice President and Fern Stewart to serve as Secretary.
  • The Board reviewed the policy created by the Lens of the Future Committee regarding the use of church building and grounds and in person gatherings as related to the pandemic issues.
  • The Board also voted to approve Polk County Election Office request to use the church as a polling place in accordance with the recommendations of the committee.
  • The Board also approved the renaming of Channing Hall to honor Edna and Stanley Griffin, 50+ year members of the church. A dedication ceremony will be scheduled at a future date.
  • There was discussion regarding the budget plan for the next three months resulting in a decision to provide information for virtual as well as physical church.
  • Rev. Amy Shaw explained her contract start-up provisions concluding that we had done well.
July 30 Summary
The Board held an additional meeting on July 30 to review Board Committee appointments and assignments. The Lens of the Future recommended policy was formally adopted. (Click here to view the policy.)