Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting Format Change

Your Board of Trustees always values the voices of the members of our congregation and we want those voices to be heard. With this value at the forefront, we are trying something new at this month’s Board Meeting: we’ve created space near the top of the agenda for Public Comment. As always, you may find the agenda posted on the church website prior to the Board meeting; documents related to the agenda (and the agenda itself) may be found on Realm. Please refer to these documents, and if you would like to attend the Board meeting (in person or via Zoom) and make a comment or ask a question, email and you will be put on the list for Public Comment. We’re hoping this will help broaden participation, while at the same time allowing the Board to move effectively through the agenda each month without being pulled off topic, leading proactively rather than reactively.  The Public Comment time will be 15 minutes; please be mindful, if you speak, of sharing the time with others.