Board Procedures for Building Use and In-Person Meetings (July 30, 2020)

First Unitarian Church of Des Moines
Procedure for use of church building and grounds, and in-person gatherings
Approved by Board July 30, 2020

  1. The church building is closed for all access and uses, except as follows.
    1. Staff are encouraged to work from home, but are allowed to come into the building at their discretion.
    2. Limited access for specific tasks such as maintenance and cleaning. Care must be taken if a scheduled group activity is also occurring to maintain physical distance.
    3. Specific activities authorized by the board, with defined restrictions on number of people, building area to be used, cleaning, etc.
  2. Small groups are allowed to gather for in-person activities at their own risk, either on the church grounds or in other public or private spaces, subject to the following restrictions.
    1. All gatherings must be held outdoors in the open air and isolated as far as practical from other persons, with at least 6 feet recommended distancing at all times.
    2. No more than 10 people at any gathering at any one time.
    3. No communal singing or chanting is allowed.
    4. Minimize contact with common surfaces; no shared food, drinks, talking pieces, other materials, or handouts are allowed.
    5. Mask use (self-provided) is required.
    6. Host shall collect a list of all attendees to meeting and report to Membership Coordinator within 24 hours of meeting completion. Encourage group members to report illness to Minister if they fall ill within a week of the group meeting.
    7. Any use of church grounds for group activities must be scheduled through the normal church calendar procedures.Email scheduling requests to
    8. Consideration must be given to participation by persons not comfortable with meeting in-person.
    9. Please consult recommendations for outdoor gatherings published by the UUA on June 19, 2020 and the latest CDC guidelines and recommendations for additional information.
  3. Groups meeting on the church grounds may not access the building for any reason.
  4. Requests for building access or activities not covered by the above statements should be addressed to Rev. Amy Shaw, the president of the Board of Trustees, and the co-chairs of the Lens of the Future Committee.  Rev. Shaw and the Lens of the Future Committee will provide their recommendation to the Board for action on the request.  The Board will act on the request in a timely manner, and Rev. Shaw will notify the requesting party of the Boards decision.
  5. This procedure may be modified at any time, and will be reviewed and updated regularly.