Call for Committee Members to Study Kitchen Updating

The Board of Trustees is calling for volunteers to be part of a committee to study what our church kitchen needs will be going forward post-pandemic. Some of you may remember that kitchen updating was not included during the last capital campaign. As many of you know, our commercial dishwasher is near the end of its life, and other appliances could potentially use updating as well. There has been some discussion that we currently have a “1950’s” era kitchen that is sorely in need of updating and modernization.
We are looking for people who have remodeling knowledge, knowledge regarding commercial kitchen equipment, and/or experience using our church kitchen! The committee will be asked to study/assess the needs, talk to the various stakeholders in the church for advice and opinions, research costs for updating, and make recommendations to the Board.
If you’ve ever cooked or worked in our kitchen, you likely have opinions regarding how it might be improved! Please lend your thoughts and talents to the committee! Please send an email statement containing your qualifications – whether professional or personal – to by March 15, 2021.