Chalice Groups Forming!

Coming Soon! 

You asked for them and they are coming! First Unitarian is beginning a Chalice Group small-group ministry program! 

What is a Chalice Group? 

Chalice Groups are fun and meaningful small group ministries which meet once a month. During their 60–90-minute meetings, each group discusses the monthly topic; topics designed to generate conversation and thought without requiring homework. 

How Do They Work? 

Each Chalice Group of 8-10 people meets monthly with a Group Facilitator. The Facilitators are being recruited now, so if you are interested, please email and volunteer. Each Facilitator picks a time and a location for their Chalice Group. The Facilitators names, and their times and locations will be shared in the Intercom and in physical sign-up sheets at church beginning May 15th, 2022. People can sign up under the Facilitator they choose. Locations may include Zoom only groups. 

Groups will kick off for a three-month trial beginning the week of June 5th, 2022. Once a group is formed, no new members may be added, though new additional groups may form. Chalice Groups are designed to allow deeper connections and more meaningful conversations among a stable group who want to get to know one another and find community and connection. 


  • How long does a Group last? 
    • Three months or six months. 
    • This first cycle will last 90 days or so. After that, we will be doing sign-ups twice a year, or about every six months, in September and March. September sign-ups will be for Groups running October-March (6 months), and March sign-ups are for Groups running either April-June (3 months) or April-September (6 months). Facilitators and Group members can decide if they want to participate in a Group meeting all summer, or choose to offer or join a shorter cycle. 
  • Can I change Groups at the next sign-up? 
    • Yes. People are encouraged to try different Groups.
  • Can I stay with the same Group? 
    • Yes. 
  • What if our Group doesn’t like the topic for the month? 
    • Pick a different topic you like better. 
  • Can I quit being a Facilitator if I don’t like it? 
    • Yes, though we do ask Facilitators try to continue through the remainder of whatever the current cycle is if at all possible. 
  • Can we meet at a bar or restaurant? Outside? At 7am? At midnight? 
    • Sure. A Facilitator can offer any time and location, and people can sign up for a Group that best meets their needs. 
  • What if I can’t be there every time? 
    • People are asked to commit to at least 2 meetings of a 3-month cycle, and 4 meetings of a 6-month cycle. Chalice Groups rely on people being present to develop deeper relationships. 
  • Can our Group change our time and day during a cycle? Could we decide to go bowling or swimming or to a movie instead of meeting? 
    • Of course, if the whole group agrees.  
  • What do Facilitators have to do? 
    • Facilitators have to: 
  1. Attend a monthly meeting with the other Facilitators and the minister to choose the monthly topic and try it out together to make sure it generates conversation 
  1. Send out reminder emails to their Group about their monthly time and location 
  1. Tell their Group what this month’s topic is and get the conversation going 
  1. Except in cases of emergency, commit to Facilitating for the length of this Group cycle (so either three or six months at a time) 

Watch for the sign-up sheets beginning May 15th at church, and consider volunteering to Facilitate today by emailing