Church Cleaning – Volunteers Needed!

As we coordinate to hire a new cleaning person, the church is still being used at the same rate every week and needs to be cleaned about once per week. Please consider volunteering to clean parts of the church as you have time during the week. With church programming on hold for the summer, we really only need the cleaning to take place once per week.
Each cleaning slot is time-estimated with one person doing the cleaning, but more than one person is welcome to tackle each section! Please comment with the date and time you plan to clean for each slot so that church Staff can plan to let you into the building and lock up afterward.
Dates are shown as Wednesday of each week, but you can schedule yourself to clean on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of that week between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
A list of cleanup details and instructions will be posted in the church office on the bulletin board on the front counter across from the mailboxes.
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