It’s Time to Update Our Website!

The Communications team needs to hear from you:

How could we improve our website?
What’s missing from our website?
Can you find what you’re looking for?

Please send any comments, suggestions, ideas, and examples to anyone on the team:
Liz Bredeson, Deidre Fudge, Barb Royal, or Cheryl Long

What do you know about … read more.

Unsung UU Award

Each year the Board of Trustees presents the Unsung UU award to a member or friend of our church who works tirelessly behind the scenes, is someone we can always count on, and is always willing to assist when needed.

The Board of Trustees requests nominations … read more.

UU the Vote: How We Thrive

Rev. Susan Frederick Gray says that Mr. Rogers taught her that in scary times to look for the helpers. But, like Charles Payne says at the beginning of his book, I’ve Got the Light of Freedom, heroes are based in “a faith that ordinary people who learn … read more.

Faith in Action 2020

Key Updates

For the 2020-21 year beginning in September we will partner with two organizations selected by the congregation.
Each organization will have one or more church member “Project Champions” to develop ongoing opportunities to participate in activities that contribute to the mission of the organization.
Collection plate funding supports the … read more.

Immigration Justice Update: Good News and More

Amidst the pandemic, our friends at the southern border continue their work to release from detention those who are seeking asylum.

On Tuesday April 7th, one such person, a transgender woman from Honduras, landed at the Des Moines airport. She was met by our Board President Sue Huber … read more.

Update on Asylum Seeker Briana

by Lisa Irey

Two weeks ago, our asylum seeker arrived safely in Des Moines. We met her at the airport, which was a ghost town due to the corona virus, in our masks and holding a sign that we made saying “Bienvendas Briana!” (Welcome Briana) We brought … read more.

April Board Highlights

During its April 16 meeting the Board of Trustees focused on a variety of subjects.

Charles Lewis, our Director of Finance and Administration, reported to the Board that First Unitarian’s loan application under the federal Coronavirus-related Paycheck Protection Program had been approved by First National Bank in the sum of $84,600 and that … read more.

General Assembly Goes All Virtual!

General Assembly (GA), the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), will be 100% virtual in 2020. This means you can be a delegate and represent our church from the comfort of your own home No travel time; no hotel cost; no virus!

Scheduled for June 24-28, a number of events will be live … read more.

Humanist Meeting Update

The Humanist Society (along with the rest of the church) has temporarily postponed all in-person meetings. But – we are re-starting our book group discussion this Sunday.

The Humanist book group will be meeting via Zoom at 11:05 AM. We will start immediately after the church call ends, so … read more.

Home Sewn Masks Available

One of our own church members, Kay Hertz, has generously volunteered to make a cloth mask for anyone who requests one. Kay has been sewing masks for Broadlawns and others in the community. The cotton masks are double layered and come with a pouch for you … read more.

New Communications Group at First Unitarian

“Social distancing” doesn’t have to mean you don’t know what’s going on at church or you can’t participate in activities. In fact, it’s never been more important to reach out and take care of each other. Many of us may be feeling a little disconnected, perhaps … read more.

“How I Spent My Corona Quarantine”

Do you remember writing essays about what you did over your summer vacation? Did you dread the assignment or look forward to sharing the detail of your summer? Regardless of how you felt, wouldn’t it be nice to have those papers today, to remind us … read more.

Email Receipts for Your Contributions

We continue the transition to PushPay. Starting on Monday, April 27th, we will be entering all charitable contributions through PushPay, including all checks received. This means you will receive an email receipt for all contributions, not just the ones you do yourself or recurring transactions … read more.

Have We Heard From You?

The Stewardship Ministry team continues to work on wrapping up the campaign for the church year 2020 – 2021. As of this week, we can report the following:

Pledges received to date:261
Pledge $ committed to date:$537,737
Pledges outstanding:79
Pledge $ outstanding:$66,838

The goal for 2020 – … read more.

Church Email Addresses

Many of you may have noticed that we have been replacing personal email addresses with church addresses when advertising upcoming events. We are avoiding publicizing personal contact information whenever possible to help protect you as individuals. The addresses we are creating are actually email groups … read more.

Financial Health of Our Congregation

Put it on your calendar!

The next Financial Health in Our Congregation is set for Thursday, February 11th from 6:30 – 8 pm in Channing Hall.

The topic is metrics: Measuring What Matters.

How do we evaluate the health of our congregation? What should we track? How do we … read more.

Building Partnerships for American Resistance

Dana Fisher, author of “American Resistance: from the Women’s March to the Blue Wave” will be speaking at First Unitarian Church of Des Moines on Saturday, February 22 from 12:30 – 2:30 pm that includes a presentation followed by discussion and book signing.

As professor of sociology at the University … read more.

Asylum Team Update

by Bruce Martin
Our church is about to welcome two new asylum-seekers, a father and teenage daughter from Guatemala. Their arrival stems from our Asylum Team’s efforts that began in July and have involved many church members. This follows the previous work of Karen and Mike … read more.

First Unitarian Church Spring Forums @ 11:00 am, Channing Hall

February 9: Suzanne Herzog: Essential Steps in Practical and (Finally) Effective Healthcare Reform
Suzanne Herzog, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate, will present the forum “Essential Next Steps for Practical and (finally) Effective Healthcare Reform.” Suzanne is an RN and a health care economist. She is an informed practitioner and … read more.