We are doing the next photo directory IN-HOUSE this time, so help our volunteer photographers plan by letting us know when you intend to have your photo taken! We’ll send you a reminder in advance so you remember to bring your best smile.

so we can send you a reminder
To submit a photo on-line, go to: www.ucdsm.org/submit-photo/

Pre-Order Request

Since we are doing the directories in-house rather than have a service come in and try to sell you photo packages, we need to cover the cost of printing as many hard copies of the directories as people are going to want.

We estimate each directory will cost $5 to cover the cost for a full-color directory. Alternatively, a PDF file will be available for those who prefer a free and/or paper-free option.

PLEASE HELP US PLAN BY INDICATING YOUR PREFERENCE BELOW. Money for your directory order will be collected when your photo is taken.