The Art Gallery wall at First Unitarian displays 2-dimensional artwork by local artists for one month. You can view the art gallery when the church office is open (Tuesday – Friday, 1pm – 5pm), or on Sunday mornings during and following church services. One Sunday each month, the artist is present between Sunday services to meet with others to speak about their work. In addition, some artists may choose to hold a separate  reception for their artwork.

Current Artist

December 2018: Martha McCormick

Martha McCormick is a California native, Iowa transplant, trained educator, founder and convener of Next Step Adventure, and a mixed-media artist. Playfully using a mix of different materials, colors, and textures, her art is a range of autobiographical self-reflections emerging from a conservative childhood to studies in the feminine power she has witnessed in her travels to India. Says the artist, “Depicting feminine strength and energy as well as conflict and rage are an important part of struggles for women’s equality throughout the world.” Ms. McCormick’s artwork will be displayed on the First Unitarian Art Gallery wall through the month of December. Meet the Artist Reception is Sunday, Dec. 16 at 10:15 a.m.



Upcoming Shows

December 2018:  Martha McCormick, multi-media
January 2019:  Bill Allen
February 2019: Jon Lemons
March 2019:  Kathy Svec, collages
April 2019:  Justin Young
May 2019:  Coming of Age youth

How to Apply

If you would like to show your artwork on the Art Gallery wall at First Unitarian, please submit the completed forms below. If you have any questions, you may contact Linda Mathews at

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