The Art Gallery wall at First Unitarian displays 2-dimensional artwork by local artists for one month. You can view the art gallery when the church office is open (Tuesday – Friday, 1pm – 5pm), or on Sunday mornings during and following church services. One Sunday each month, the artist is present between Sunday services to meet with others to speak about their work. In addition, some artists may choose to hold a separate  reception for their artwork.

Current Artist

August Artist: Linda Mathews

I have always had an interest in art as a creative outlet and readily available therapy!  As wonderful as words can be, to be able to convey what I am feeling with symbols which are outside the boundaries of words feels like I am touching something deeper in my psyche.  This collection reflects what I am working on internally now.

When we are young, we learn that the earth orbits the sun, the moon orbits the earth, and the sun is in the center of our galaxy which floats in a vast universe. Those explanations seem so normal and make so much sense that we accept it all rather matter-of-factly, partly because we are busy managing the white noise of our lives.

So it was not until recently that it has more profoundly dawned on me that this living organism called Earth is actually dangling, floating, hanging in the abyss of space and how incredible that is. This profound realization makes me giggle one minute and feel terrified the next.  I want to giggle at how small it makes our problems seem, and I feel terrified the next minute at the improbability that life on earth even exists.

Our human perspective was forever changed when ships crossed the Atlantic 200 years ago and our perspectives will continue to change today as astronauts go the moon and beyond and from that vantage point, look over their shoulder and snap a picture which shows us where it is we really live.

Linda Mathews is the current chair of the UU art gallery.

How to Apply

If you would like to show your artwork on the Art Gallery wall at First Unitarian, please submit the completed forms below. If you have any questions, you may contact Linda Mathews at

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