The Art Gallery wall at First Unitarian displays 2-dimensional artwork by local artists for one month. You can view the art gallery when the church office is open (Tuesday – Friday, 1pm – 5pm), or on Sunday mornings during and following church services. One Sunday each month, the artist is present between Sunday services to meet with others to speak about their work. In addition, some artists may choose to hold a separate reception for their artwork.

January Artist

Alice Guerrero

“I found my passion for art when I was in 5th Grade. My art teacher always encouraged and inspired me to take my art to a different level. I continued my art education at Tech High, and went on to Grandview College, the Kansas City Art Institute, and Louisiana State University, where I received my Masters degree in Fine Art.”

“Art continues to take me on an adventure. Art is like life; sometimes the road is smooth, other times the road is bumpy and more of a challenge. It is what makes me who I am. If I had a word to describe myself and the art that I create, it would be “voyager.” My art constantly takes me to unchartered waters with each project. It’s what connects me to my audience.”

How to Apply

If you would like to show your artwork on the Art Gallery wall at First Unitarian, please submit the completed forms below. If you have any questions, you may contact Linda Mathews at

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