Fabulously FUN Food Fair FUNdraiser
20th Anniversary Celebration!

Being involved in the Fabulously Fun Food Fair Fundraiser (FFFFF) is a great way to meet interesting people, enjoy good food, & raise money for the Church!

Only 1 event with open seats remain.

#32 – Our Religious Journeys.  On 03/31/19 in the service, Dave Witke shared 2 of 3 key points in his “religious journey” to Humanism. On 03/14/20, Dave will share his 3rd point. Two other Humanists will also share their journeys. All participants will have an opportunity to examine, share & discuss their own journeys. Before the presentations & discussion, we’ll break bread & pop a cork or cap. Menu TBD – we ask for your trust that we’ll have an array of wholesome & tasty morsels.  Note: This is a work in progress, conceived 13 1/2 hours before the FF submission deadline! Ages 12 & up. HOST(S): Gene McCracken & Judy Davis, Al Powers, Dave Witke. Sat,  3/14/2020.  6:00 PM.  8 seats left.  $30

To purchase a ticket to any event, contact Barb Royal. Send pictures of people having fabulously fun times at events to: Elaine Imlau

P.S.  Over 500 people are participating in events and auction exchanges, and have contributed over $17,000 to the church!