Special Message for Returning Families
There are some exciting communities emerging for our children, youth and families in this new environment. …And we are with you in your grief about the losses and changes to our program. Some familiar classes won’t be offered this year – such as Our Whole Lives (OWL). Due to safety and logistics barriers, the curriculum publishers have prohibited its use online. Instead,we are offering Taking Flight, Online Sex Education.  We hope to gather in person and offer them the OWL curriculum in 2021-2022. We’ll also offer the curriculum called Parents and Caregivers as Sexuality Educators for adults, and hope to have groups for those with 1st-2nd graders, 5th-6th graders, and 8th-9th graders, as these are the grade levels whose OWL education has been interrupted by the pandemic. Look for more information by mid-September.  
​Later in the year, look for announcements about optional milestone classes like Senior Bridging for 12th graders. We are working hard to preserve and translate those experiences, and to celebrate our kids as they grow — while helping their families to keep up!
We’re in this together, and that is one thing that will never change.




Wednesday Schedule


It’s Saturday Night Live! Jr edition! (Saturdays)

Fun and active storytime with crafts and movement. There will even be Spanish and centering/stretching time.  This will be held on Saturdays and recorded so parents can do at their own time.

October 3- May

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Chuurch Craft 4-6th Grade

October 7 – May

ChUUrchcraft uses the popular app Minecraft as a vehicle for processing learned information on world religions.  A building with multiple rooms is created and supplied to the class.  As the class learns about a world religion, part of each class is dedicated to designing a room within the building, devoted to the practice of that religion.  At the end of the year, the class will have created a building with rooms devoted to the practice of many religions, essentially a Unitarian Universalist congregation.


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Our Whole Lives Human Sexuality Curriculum: 

Postponed until we can meet in person


Taking Flight: Online Sexual Education: 7-8th grade

October 21- March

18 Week Module utilizing parts of 7th Grade OWL to teach sexual education with the goal to help youth explore their own sexual values and to build social and sexual decision-making skills.  More info to come.

6:00-7:00 PM

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Sing and Play, the UU Way!

October 7 – May

Nancy Bratt, Doug, and Will Esty will be leading youth through popular UU hymns and movement and theater games.

5:45 -6:30 pm

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Coming of Age: Grade 8


Potentially starting in the Spring 


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