Connections Group

It’s been four months since we’ve been together in person. If you’re like me, you’re missing your First Unitarian family! We were hoping that summer would bring a drop in cases so that we’d be able to get together, but with recent reports showing COVID-19 cases rising in Iowa, it looks like we’ll have to put our big gathering off a little while longer. What does this mean for us as a community? It means we’re being presented with opportunities to practice some truly innovative methods of creative interchange! Are you excited? Good! Please read on!

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be connecting small groups of people who are interested in getting together to get to know each other and build ties within our community. The groups will be informal; some may be long-term, some may meet once or twice. Some may meet around shared interests, some just for conversation. Please note that some groups will be meeting by ZOOM and some will be meeting in person and following the CDC guidelines for staying safe, such as wearing face masks, social distancing, etc.

Contact Lyra at or 515-244-8603, ext 103.

Please indicate if you would be interested in being part of an online group or being part of a group that may meet in person. Be sure to leave your name and a telephone number or e-mail address where Lyra can contact you!