Current Kitchen Project News

May 24, 2023

The Kitchen Care Team has been busy! We’ve trained dozens of church members how to operate the new equipment and how to keep the kitchen clean, lean and green! The Kitchen Care Manual with step-by-step instructions can be found in the drawer labeled “manuals” underneath the microwave. Fern Stewart and Elaine Imlau from the kitchen care team brilliantly organized and labeled all the drawers and cupboards. They even labeled one drawer “Oh, Shoot, I forgot it at church!”

We expect the kitchen will be in demand for all kinds of events. Please reserve early! The kitchen is reserved separately from Griffin Hall. If you want to use the kitchen, you need to make a specific request for it. You can reserve the kitchen just like any other room by contacting Hannah Notch at

We hope you enjoy your new church kitchen, thanks to all the generous donors and tireless volunteers.


The Kitchen Care Team