CUUPS: Imbolc Event Jan. 29

This Imbolc will be in honor of Brigid, starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday, January 29. Please arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand so you can be in place for the procession into the ritual space.We will first invite Brigid to join us for the evening by presenting offerings and lighting our fire. Then we will talk a little about who Brigid is and how she is traditionally revered.Next, we will have a show-and-tell session. If you would like to bring a creative offering for Brigid, you are more than welcome. We will have some time where you can sing a song, play some music, recite a poem, tell a story, share a piece of art you created, or share what Brigid means to you personally. If you bring an item, you can place it on Brigid’s altar as an offering for the duration of the ritual and take it home at the end of the celebration.After that, we will continue the Sacred CUUPs tradition of the snake dance, but this will also involve making fresh butter from cream. Then we will spend some time making Brigid’s crosses to take home, and you can go through our Brigid’s girdle, which will bring you good luck for the rest of the year. Feel free to take a rag home to make a Brat Bríde. Or you can try some of the butter we made spread on oatcakes. We’ll also play videos showing some Brigid Day traditions.Finally, we will have a procession out of the ritual space as a group. Feel free wear what you’re most comfortable in. But if you would like to wear colors to complement the ritual, green, white, and yellow will be perfect, even just a hint of any of those colors.