DRE’s Mini-Sabbatical

Professional full-time church staff receive a several-month period when they are free to study, rest and travel.  It’s usually done after the 7th year.  Tracy Beck has been full time since April 2009, so it’s been 8 years, but due to the upcoming ministerial transition, it is a difficult time for a full sabbatical.  Tracy will be gone from the church from July 1- August 31, 2017.  She intends to use the time for rest and renewal.
What will happen while the DRE is gone?During the summer, programming is minimal, so that helps.  Sunday religious education classes will be multi-age (Pre-K – Grade 5) and will be held at 10 am. Any child or youth older than that are welcome to attend the service.  Two hired teachers will lead the classes.  Megan Irey, RE Assistant, will also be working to take care of needs.

Members are asked to help during this time of sabbatical  – to participate in RE programming through volunteering so that the needs of the program are still being met. 

What about planning for the Fall?This will all be done before Tracy goes on sabbatical.  Sunday morning religious education classes, adult religious education classes, Coming of Age, Our Whole Lives, Wellspring, Soul Matters and any other programs should be all set before July 1.

For help:

  • Any questions about Adult RE classes should be sent to Megan Irey, reassistant@ucdsm.org
  • Any questions about any children/youth programming should be sent to Megan Irey from July 1 – August 31, reassisstant@ucdsm.org