Envisioning a Safer, Friendlier East Entrance

In the coming weeks, you may notice some construction activity outside the East entrance to the church. Some of the existing concrete will be removed, the grade will be improved, and stairs and handrails will be added. We intend for the building to remain accessible from the east parking lot with a short detour through the Memorial Garden to the south building entrance. We will keep you updated on accessibility from the east lot as plans progress!

This fall, you will have opportunities to hear about and provide input into a larger project to redesign the east entrance approach, including a new bridge spanning the creek. Here is a DRAFT drawing of how the bridge and approach might look as conceptualized by church member architect Dana Sorensen and Building and Grounds Councilor Chris Jorgensen. This project is essential to address the critical safety issues associated with the stream culvert and existing east steps towards the building. In addition, the project will be more environmentally-friendly to the natural flow of the creek and to our valued wooded areas. Stay tuned!