Electronic Giving

A note from Charles Lewis, DFA
As we near the end of the stewardship campaign, here is a general note about electronic giving.
If you are already using your bank’s online bill pay to pay your pledge, thank you! No need to change that, just consider this a gentle nudge to make sure everything is updated to match your new pledge that will start in July.
If you are giving through PushPay or would like to start read on!
To start giving, go to our website and click the Giving Opportunities button near the bottom of the page. Follow the quick and easy steps and you’ll good to go in a matter of minutes. Unless you want to begin giving immediately, choose a start date in July.
If you already have an account and set up your own recurring transaction, you can log in via the app on your phone (or on the website, again via the button at the bottom of our homepage). If you are not changing your pledge for next year all you need to do is verify that the transaction doesn’t have an end date. If you are changing your pledge next year and do want to adjust your current pledge then you will need to remember to adjust it in advance of your July payment. If you want to adjust your current pledge to match next year’s pledge, simply change the amount.
If your recurring transaction does have an end date, that means we set that transaction up on your behalf. You can either let that run out and set up your own to begin in July, or contact me with your banking information and I’ll be happy to do it for you. For security reasons at PushPay, I will need your banking information again, as what is in the system is hidden from me and I will need to re-enter some or all of that information to verify I am authorized to act on your behalf. You can call me or email me with that information.
If all of this is confusing, and you’re not sure what to do, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE to reach out to me, and together we’ll get it quickly sorted out.
Thank you so much for your financial support of First Unitarian. It takes all pledges, of all shapes and sizes, to keep the church you love moving forward, and all pledges are greatly appreciated.