Endowment REACH Grants – Submit your Application Today!

In past years, the Endowment Development Committee has facilitated the distribution of up to 85% of the net annual income of the Endowment Fund by awarding REACH grants to church members and groups for such uses as community outreach, educational opportunities for members, and equipment purchases. This is your and your group’s chance to propose a program or event beyond the usual budget item constraints. Read the grant guidelines and access the on-line application here: ucdsm.org/reach-grant-guidelines Application deadline is May 31.
This year the funds available for distribution are limited due to a new understanding of the original Endowment Fund by-laws. The Endowment Development & Endowment Investment Committees held three forums in April to present and discuss proposed changes to these Endowment Articles.

Prior to the Annual Meeting on June 4, please go to www.ucdsm.org/endowment-fund-bylaws-changes to access the presentation, a report of feedback and responses, and the original and proposed Endowment Fund by-laws.

If you cannot access the online application or have questions after reading the online guidelines, contact Endowment Committee Chair Doug Hoffman (doughoff2@mchsi.com) with questions.