Evolution of the Revolution: 50 Years Since Stonewall

Anti-gay rights activist, Anita Bryant, during a television interview in Des Moines, gets a pie in the face from a pro-gay rights activist, October 14, 1977.

Presented by Rick Miller, Board President of the Des Moines Pride Center

First Gay Pride March in Des Moines, June 30, 1979

Sunday, October 6, 11 a.m., Channing Hall

Rick Miller presents “Evolution of the Revolution: 50 Years Since Stonewall”, which explores and links some of the events in Iowa and the nation involved in the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights from 1969 to 2019. This presentation will provide stories, artifacts, and images of some of those who spoke out, stood up, and sacrificed to help attain the LGBTQ+ rights many experience today.  Rather than attempting to provide a complete or comprehensive chronicle of all LGBTQ+ history and historical figures, this presentation instead provides snapshots and highlights as it weaves together Iowa and US LGBTQ+ history during the last 50 years. It spotlights in a unique way the progress on two of the many fronts in the evolving debate over and struggle for LGBTQ+ rights.