Faith in Action 2020

Key Updates

  • For the 2020-21 year beginning in September we will partner with two organizations selected by the congregation.
  • Each organization will have one or more church member “Project Champions” to develop ongoing opportunities to participate in activities that contribute to the mission of the organization.
  • Collection plate funding supports the church social action activities.  One half of the collections will be shared between the two selected community partners.

Community Outreach Partners

During the coming year Faith in Action will serve as a steering committee to foster the development of a sharing relationship with two community non-profit organizations. Faith in Action will seek applications from potential community partners. The committee will also seek church members to serve as champions for the selected organizations. The partners will be nominated by church members and the congregation will vote at the annual meeting to select the partners.

The goal of the partnership is to develop a relationship with the organizations that gives members opportunities to engage with the selected partners along with providing financial assistance though the weekly collections. Each community outreach partner will receive a financial donation from the weekly collections as well as volunteer assistance from church members to help with projects which may include volunteer service, education, and advocacy. Ideally, throughout the year we will develop deeper relationships with the organizations and become partners in supporting their missions and impact on our community.

Contacts and Links

Applications for partnership are available on the Faith in Action page of the church web site found here: Faith in Action

Questions can be directed to Faith in Action team members at

Current team members: Judy Neumeyer, Jack Hackett, John-Paul Chaisson-Cardenas, Katherine Vance, Adele Villemez

We are seeking new members who desire to be part of the steering committee that will guide the program. If you are interested, let us know at