Faith in Action Partnership Nominees

Faith in Action is excited to announce that we have three nominated organizations for the 2021-2022 partnership. Out of these three organizations, membership will vote to choose two at the annual meeting. To learn more about the organizations, what volunteer opportunities will be available, and how the funds will be used click the organization names below.
Knock and Drop (and other Immigration Justice partners) – Knock and Drop was established just over a year ago, originally setting out to provide meals to members of the Latinx Community quarantining at motels and away from their families. Organizers quickly expanded the program to include providing food to families. Knock and Drop is an organization for positive community action that implements programs beneficial to the Latinx Community.
Just Voices – Just Voices works to document data and collect stories from Black and Brown people and their experiences with racially biased policing. The work of Just Voices is twofold – sharing stories via their website to educate and working with city and state governments to pass laws that ban racial profiling in Iowa.
US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants: Des Moines – USCRI has served refugees and immigrants, supporting their transition to a dignified life, since the early 1900s. In the last ten years, USCRI welcomed over 4,000 refugees to Iowa. Currently, the Des Moines office is working on providing apartment set-up to refugees and trafficking survivors and connecting refugees and immigrant families to their new home and communities through the Family Friends initiative.