Family Promise Gratitude

First Unitarian Church has hosted families through Family Promise for one year! We have racked up over 1,000 hours of volunteer time to support families experiencing homelessness. One mother stated “staying at this church has been like going to summer camp, I am sorry I have to leave.”
Families have felt comfortable at our church because of the kindness and warmth of our many volunteers. We are all grateful to the volunteers who have put in many hours to help with Family Promise this year:
Set up/take down: Michael Lauer, Vicki Scott, Amanda DuBose, Dave Witke, Keary Saul, Barb Hendricks, Leon Hendricks, Sachiko Murphy, Elaine Imlau, Stephanie Stenburg, Angela Tedesco, John Tedesco, Gene McCracken, Sue Huber,Jennifer Dettman, Amy Knudson, Ann Mowery, Karen Nicholson, Kay Hertz
Drivers: Amy Knudson, Eric Hayes, Allan Kniep, Ann Mowery, Rob Heater, Sue Huber, Gene McCracken, Becky Evans, Todd Lackman, Charlie Robertson, Kevin Kirlin, Jean Rommes
Meal Preparers: Susan Gross, Karen Lauer, Donna Wallace, Amy Knudson, Angela Tedesco, Cathy Musset, Karen Nicholson, Barb Hendricks, Mary Hays, Sue Repplinger, Linda Lovell, Ellen Taylor, Anne Quinlan, Lynn George, Kerry George, Amanda DuBose, Nina Richtman, Karen Herwig, Heidi Lackman, Libby Brauer, Judith Linden, Stephanie Stenburg, Margaret Schultz, Ann Mowery, Sue Huber, Laura Lockard, Jen Haywood, Gene McCracken, COA class, Tim Wilson, Heidi Levine, Barb Martin, Susan Jellinger, Hilary Hippen-Leek, Kay Hertz, Elaine Imlau,
Evening Hosts: Janine Choundry, Sue Huber, Janis Elliot, Stephanie Stenburg, Roger and Dian Schmiedeskamp, Vicki Scott, Judy Davis, Judith and Chuck Linden, Elaine Imlau, Becky Evans, Barb Hendricks, Heidi Lackman, Theresa Miller, Gene McCracken, Keary Saul, Michael Stimson, Jennifer Dettman, Karen Lauer, Kathy Wessels, Susan Gross, COA team, Stephanie Stenburg, Hilary Hippen-Leek, Wendy Wilson, Karen Nicholson
Night Hosts: Dave Witke, Stephanie Stenburg, Gene McCracken, Sue Huber, Bill Brauch, Mary Hays, Michael Lauer, Barbara Klubal, Elaine Imlau, Keary Saul, Kay Hertz, Shandra Carrigan, Becky Evans, Karen Kraemer, Sandy Simmons, Angela Tedesco, Sally Buckholdt, Katie Allen, Michael Stimson, Linda Lemons, Barb Hendricks, Mike Shaw
Kitchen Clean Up: Ed Hotchkin, Dave Witke, Donna Wallace, Angela Tedesco, John Tedesco, Karen Nicholson, Barb Hendricks, Sachiko Murphy, Carmen Dow, Theresa Miller, Michael Lauer, Lynn and Kerry George, Ann Mowery, Al Powers, Heidi and Todd Lackman and family, Anne Quinlan, Vicki Scott, Sue Huber, Katie Modic, Laura Lockard, Karen Lauer, COA team, Kay Hertz, Judy Walden, Micheal Ream and Sofia
A special thanks to the Stimson family for loaning their Wi Player and TV for the families to enjoy. 
Our next time to host is December 24 through December 31. Being homeless during the holiday season must be very difficult. We are planning to make Christmas week a little less stressful for them. We will need everyone’s help for this. Look for more information in November on how you can help.