Family Promise – Thanks For Continued Support!

Special thanks to all who continued to help support Family Promise while families were sheltering in one place through the pandemic. We only needed to provide evening meals and overnight hosts for the last nine hosting weeks. June 19-26 we will be back on our home site. We will need to cover almost three times the hours which we used to cover with about double the people. Please consider joining this effort!

We need your help! Details to come in preparation for our June hosting week. 

Family Promise volunteers since May of 2020 include: Rachel Baron, Cathy Beck-Cross, Alise Besco, Sally Boeckholt, Patti Cale-Finnegan, Brian Campbell, Janine Choudhury, Jo Cox, Andrew Curl, Judy Davis, Carmen Dow, Becky Evans, Lynne George, Kerry George, Lori Hackett, Ron Heideman, Janice Hawkins, Mary Hays, Barb Hendricks, Kay Hertz, Ed Hotchkin, Sue Huber, Elaine Imlau, Susan Jellinger, Stephanie Kitchen, Amy Knudsen, Amanda Kruse, Heidi Lackmann, Heidi Levine, Judith Linden, Cherry Long, Linda Lovell, Crystal Loving, Amy Luebbert, Barb Martin, Gene McCracken, Sally Merritt, Karen Massetti Miller, Sean Morrow, Ann Mowery, Sachiko Murphy, Ginger Nekvinda, Christy Nekvinda, Kent Newman, Karen Nicholson, Emily Petty, Al Powers, Anne Quinlan, Nina Richtman, Anne Roozeboom, Dian Schmiedeskamp, Susan Seitz, Sandra Simmons, Carolyn Spencer, Fern Stewart, Ellen Taylor, Jean Tauber, Angela Tedesco, John Tedesco, Nancy Vanderburgh, Donna Wallace, Thom Williams, David Witke.