Welcome to First Unitarian.

This is a place where people with different beliefs worship together as one faith.

Our members covenant to support one another in a lifelong journey of growth and learning. Each of us seeks to build lives with meaning and purpose. Children are invited to explore a wide range of diverse religious traditions and eventually to craft their personal statement of belief.

Members share values—the 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles—rather than particular doctrinal views. Unitarian Universalist congregations are made up of people with diverse theologies and a wide range of interfaith backgrounds (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, agnostics, atheists, humanists).

Our values unite us.

We honor the inherent worth of every person. We’re a GLBTQAI welcoming congregation. Black Lives Matter here. We’re a Sanctuary congregation and we support the humane and welcoming treatment of immigrants and refugees. We seek to live in harmony with the interdependent web of life.

If every person deserves to be treated with dignity, then (as individuals and as a congregation) we are called to create social conditions that will allow every person to live with dignity. That’s what we seek to do here.

If First Unitarian sounds like the sort of community you’ve been longing to find, then welcome home.

With warmth and joy,

Rev. Jennifer Brooks
Interim Senior Minister

Pronouns: she, her, hers