First Unitarian Church Spring Forums @ 11:00 am, Channing Hall

February 9: Suzanne Herzog: Essential Steps in Practical and (Finally) Effective Healthcare Reform
Suzanne Herzog, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate, will present the forum “Essential Next Steps for Practical and (finally) Effective Healthcare Reform.” Suzanne is an RN and a health care economist. She is an informed practitioner and champion of will help us understand all sides of our nation’s health care sector, nearly 20% of our nation’s GDP. The change we are fighting for will affect us all- insureds, insurers, health care providers, drug and medical equipment entrepreneurs, home and nursing home care providers, and as taxpayers. How do we do this fairly and smartly?
February 23: Connie Ryan, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance of Iowa
Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is the only statewide, non-partisan, progressive voice for people of faith and no faith protecting religious freedom, ensuring religion is not misused to discriminate, championing individual rights, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism. Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is at the statehouse throughout the legislative session working on key issues where the influence of religious extremism threatens our democracy and good public policy. They also hold Moral Mondays at the Capital throughout the legislative session (Room 304), have monthly speakers at Crossroads, and weekly Legislative Updates each Friday.