It’s NEVER too Late to Join in the FUN!

This year we had more events than ever, so while many sold out, there are still many with open seats. Please check the website for a list of what’s available. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Barb Royal at . It’s all on a first-come basis.

Events coming up soon include 3 on June 9:

#27 – Lori & Jack Hackett’s Hot Dog Hootenanny;
#32 – Tracy Beck’s Mandala Rock Painting & Brunch;
#53 – Stimson’s Summer Taco Bar (for kids & adults).

And on June 16 you can join the Choudhurys, Hippen-Leeks, and Becks for #61, a progressive dinner/bicycle tour across Windsor Heights & Urbandale.

For those who like the numbers : people from more than 100 households will fill more than 500 seats at more than 65 events ! AND, we’ve raised over $19,200 so far! Thank you again to all the donors & buyers & auction bidders. Keep having FABULOUSLY FUN times together!