We recognize the great gifts volunteers offer our church through their time and talent.

We had another successful week hosting 2 families for Family Promise. The time and effort from the following volunteers made the week go quickly and smoothly: Gene McCracken, Heidi Levine, Amy Knudson, Misti and Chloe Craig, Lyra Halsten, Jean Tauber, Sandy Simmons, Dave Witke, Becky Evans, Allen Kniep, Nina Richtman, Sue Repplinger, Patty Notch, Judith and Chuck Linden, Katie Allen, Judy Robertson, Kent Newman, Elaine Imlau, Darin Jensen, Karen and Rob Nicholson, Lori and Jack Hackett, Angela and John Tedesco, Sachiko Murphy, Sally Boeckholdt, Ellen Taylor, Carolyn Spencer, Mary Hays, Marian and Michael Stimson, Lynn and Kerry George, Latrice Owens, Hilary Hippen-Leek, Theresa Miller, Barb Hendricks, Ann Mowery, Al Powers, Keary Saul, Heidi Levine, Susan Seitz, Judy Davis, Diane Siasoco, Lisa Houchins, and Kay Hertz.

A special thank you goes to Michael and Marian Stimson who are donating their Wii game and monitor for our families to use in the future. The families really like playing on the Wii, it helps them pass time while they are here. Thanks so much, Michael and Marian!