Thank you to Liz Bredeson and Marilyn Lantz for meeting with our soon-to-be members in the Pathway to Member class this July!

Thank you to Norio Umezu, Jill Philby, and Barb Klubal for putting together AMOS House Meeting Sunday on 6/25/17 – great organization and meaningful stories: a unique Sunday, beautifully done.

Thank you to Coming of Age Team members: Keegan Walpole, Gene McCracken, and Kathryn Sutton for putting in extra effort over the summer to get ready for a great 2017-18 year for our church’s 8th grade students.

Thank you to lay members Lyra Halsten, Scott Stilwell, Nina Richtman, Kate Allen, Martha Sherick-Shen, and Chancy Bittner for providing thought-provoking personal stories of meaning to us on Sundays in July and August. We are blessed to have your insight in our church community.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Terry Lowman and Mark Kassis for their culinary expertise and generous spirit; Kathy Karpinen and Ed Hotchkin for tremendous kitchen help; and Lizzie Mora, Thao Larson, Marsha and Jim Carty, who stepped in to help serve our many guests. We couldn’t have done it without you!