We recognize the great gifts volunteers offer our church through their time and talent. Many thanks to…

Alan Billyard for hanging artwork in Rev. Jennifer’s office.

Jan Svec for repairs and a new lock for Room 110, designated for Sanctuary.

Chris Jorgensen and Dana Sorenson for their design work, for their expertise and for overseeing construction of the East Entrance work.

Mike Lauer for noticing that the flags were still out by the street the other week and bringing them in before he headed home.

the team of members who has stepped up to help us do an in-house photo directory update this time around! Three cheers to Annie Spadt, Wendy Hoogeveen, Harvey Harrison, Kent Newman, Kathryn Sutton and Bill Paxson. (Now, make us look good!)

Linda Krypel for quietly buying more washcloths for the kitchen when we need them, for the cart you bought and donated to the church to make those signs easier to haul, and for all the other things we may notice but not realize where they came from!

Lisa Houchins for jumping in to capture all of the thoughts expressed on our “fishy” Post-Its from the Blending of the Waters service!

Dagny Fidler, Linda Krypel, Marilyn Lantz, Martha Shen and Martha Stephenson for doing a wonderfully thorough job of cleaning the church kitchen.

all members, friends and visitors who are actively engaged and volunteer in any capacity to make this church vibrant. “It takes a village.”