Green Sanctuary

The next meeting of Green Sanctuary will be Wednesday, December 1 at 7:30 pm on Zoom:

Meeting Notes 11/03/2021

Present: Linda Lemons, Linda Goff, Don Shepherd, Katie Allen, Jenae Veazey, Ron Heideman

We revisited Vision and Mission and made significant changes. We put Mission first as the “umbrella” overview with Vision following as the details of how we will implement the Mission. We are getting closer to Mission and Vision statements and will continue the discussion next month.

Mission: 1) Individual and Congregational Evolution; 2) Anti-Oppressive Climate Work in church and community; 3) Collaboration and Mobilization with organizations throughout the state of Iowa and the UUA.

Vision: We will bring forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually resilient world where we share and use resources to benefit all. We will incorporate our UU Values and the Seven (and proposed 8th) Principles into our climate and social justice activism. We will dedicate time and space for education, action, and reflection.

Composting in the Kitchen

·       Fruits and vegetables

·       Eggshells

·       Coffee grounds and filters

·       Tea bags

Recycling in the Kitchen

·       Cans

·       Cardboard (no food residue)

·       Paper

·       Paper Cartons (waxy, coated food and beverage cartons like milk, juice, and soup broth)

·       Plastic containers that have Twist-Off Lids

Reusables vs. Disposables: This will be an ongoing conversation. There are many factors and preferences that need to be discussed. We’ll continue discussion next month and invite the Kitchen Committee, kitchen workers, and Forum participants to join the discussion. Refer to these websites:

Forum: January 9th at 11:00 am. Ideas-announce who we are; share what we are doing; Reusable vs. Disposables discussion; how do we invite busy people; continue planning next month.