Grounds Volunteer Workday Warriors

From: Diane Ford

A small but mighty group worked on church Grounds projects Saturday, July 17.

Thanks to volunteers Elaine Imlau, Dash Back, Al Powers, and Grounds Council members Theresa Miller, Doug Aupperle, Chuck Mertes and Diane Ford for accomplishing the following: derecho-damaged gazebo deconstructed, trees trimmed along east walkway, several gardens weeded and cleaned up, east walking path cleared of overhanging trees and shrubs, parking lots repaired and spruced up, outdoor drains cleared, watering system set up, weed suppressant and Deer/Rabbit Liquid Fence applied where needed. A special thanks goes to Al for putting a new wheel on our wheelbarrow, bringing his trailer to help haul, for all his work on our parking lots, and for tasks I don’t know about. And many thanks to Doug for spending all day Saturday AND Sunday working on the Grounds. Many of the tasks above were accomplished by him.

If you missed all the fun this last Saturday, stay tuned for the next opportunity to step up on our Grounds. We need all the help we can get!