Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt thanks to the 17 people who volunteered for Nicky Keller’s memorial reception by bringing cookies and/or staffing the reception: Ellen Taylor, Terry Meek, Janice Hawkins, Susan Seitz, Jane Swanson, Winnie Williams, Liz and Larry Bredeson, Lynne George, Lisa Houchins, Carolyn Spencer, Gene McCraken, Ed Hotchkin, Karen Miller, Sarah Chang, Elaine Imlau, Elaine Bowerman, Susan Jellinger, Ann Mowery, and Al Powers. Nicky’s daughters, Cara and Erin, and granddaughter, Tessa, even pitched in by setting out the tablecloths. All involved and all those who attended the service could agree that it was a good way of honoring Nicky, and supporting her friends and family.

And belated thanks to Terry Meek, Lynne George, Winnie Williams, and Kay Hertz who helped compile the treat bags for Bob Glass’ memorial service and, at the last minute, made coffee for those who stayed afterwards to talk and reminisce.