Help Form First Unitarian’s Relational Covenant

Last May our Right Relations Team hosted a workshop led by Lisa Presley of the MidAmerica Region to begin the process of forming our first-ever church-wide relational covenant. During the workshop church members provided input on a series of questions Lisa posed in order to discern the explicit and implicit values, myths, and norms present in our congregation.

Following the workshop, the Right Relations Team considered workshop input and created an initial covenant draft, which appears below. The draft covenant reaches out not only to church members, but to all we encounter at First Unitarian.

This draft begins step two, the process of seeking your input. We have created a short survey form you can use to provide your thoughts and suggestions regarding the draft covenant: Covenant Survey

In addition, if you prefer a more “free-form” way to respond, simply send an e-mail with your comments:

In future weeks please look for an opportunity to comment during a workshop (to be scheduled) to be hosted by the Right Relations Team. Right Relations Team members are: Bill Brauch, Scott Emison Clair, Jeremy Guenther, Linda Lemons, and Jean Rommes.


Draft Relational Covenant:

As we gather together, ever mindful of the inherent worth and dignity of each and every one of us, we will:

Be respectful and kind, valuing the gifts and individuality of all;

Listen to each other with empathy and respect, and consider the impact of our own words;

Be patient and understanding with each other;

Speak with courage to address conflict;

Provide a pathway for reconciliation when we fall short;

Treat our Board, ministers, and staff with kindness and respect, and hold them accountable for responsible, transparent policies and outcomes;

Let this covenant be the mending when the fabric of our congregation is torn.