Help Keep Mental Health Care Funded in Iowa

In early June, the Iowa Legislature will reconvene to pass the budget for 2021. Members of the AMOS Children’s Mental Health Team have been working to keep the need for mental health care in front of the legislators during the COVID-19 forced break. We’ve met with the Governor’s office, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Public Health. We’ve contacted all the Legislative leadership in a letter signed by Rev. Amy and over 40 other clergy from around the state. We’ve put lawmakers on notice that MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS, and that we are looking to them to make sure this critical care doesn’t get short-changed in the coming year.
What do we need from you?
CALL your Iowa Senator and Representative NOW! If you can’t call, then email, but calling is better. Identify yourself as a constituent, provide your complete name and address, and thank them for passing 2019’s HF-690 – the bill to establish a children’s mental health care system for Iowa. If you or a family member has been impacted by a mental health disorder, please share your story.
Request these four items:
  1. No cuts to mental health current funding
  2. Remove Regions’ restrictions on dollars spent for mental health – this is the limit placed by the state on counties to levy the needed taxes for Mental Health services they are mandated to provide.
  3. Extend the cutoff for telemedicine coverage and payment parity which is set to end at the end of May. This coverage and payment parity (equal rate for telemedicine care as face-to-face care) put in place due to COVID-19 will be needed going forward
  4. Encourage them to require insurance companies to expand telemedicine coverage and payment parity to match the Medicaid system
Please call right away! When the Legislature reconvenes, their decisions on funding will already be made.
Thank you from the AMOS Children’s Mental Health Team and AMOS @ First Unitarian Core Team