Help the Church Become More Welcoming

As we prepare to re-open the Church and as we hope to incorporate a more welcoming feel as directed by Widening the Circle, the Pastoral Care Team would like you to share with it and Reverend Amy what would make church enjoyable for you, and your children and elders? But before we ask for your thoughts, we want you to know that some changes are in the works–installation of a new sound system, additional close parking marked as handicapped accessible, push button door openings at major entrances and a new lift.

Here’s how you can help us. You or someone you know may have special needs that are not being met because we are unaware. For example, do we need to act differently, speak differently, have things on hand that would be soothing, or help you find your way through the building? Is there anything challenging about church that you’d like to be fixed or would make you or someone you know more comfortable? We’d like to work with you to make changes happen. Your feedback can be held in confidence of the Pastoral Care Team, if you desire. Address your comments to or contact Ann Mowery, Chair.