Hospitality Team Updates

Participating in Sunday morning hospitality is one of the ways we grow in community together and generously share our time, talent, and treasure—aspirations for how we will be in relationship. Each member is assigned to a Hospitality Team; the Team Leader reminds us of when our team is on duty. (You can also check the schedule on-line)
  • We will be moving to just one hospitality time between services on the following holidays: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Sunday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Sunday, and New Year’s Sunday.
  • Participate in a deep clean of the kitchen, to be scheduled for a Saturday in September. Come to help, stay for the camaraderie!
  • And some tips—Items in the kitchen should be put back where they belong so the next person can find them. Remember we are sharing the space with many others. Likewise, please don’t leave leftovers out, or garbage in the disposal. It attracts bugs!