“How I Spent My Corona Quarantine”

Do you remember writing essays about what you did over your summer vacation? Did you dread the assignment or look forward to sharing the detail of your summer? Regardless of how you felt, wouldn’t it be nice to have those papers today, to remind us of the fun and adventures we had?
First Unitarian would like to know how you are feeling and how you have been spending your time during the Coronavirus quarantine. We are creating a special archive record of this quarantine and would like you to submit videos, photos, or written thoughts about the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. If you have photos of the puzzles that you have put together, artwork that you have created, scarves/sweaters/hats/gloves that you have knitted or crocheted, we want them! If you have songs, poems, or short stories that you have written during this time, we want them! If you have made videos detailing your attempts at cooking, successful or not, we want them – and the recipes too! If you have been feeling sad, or scared, or lonely and need to commit those thoughts to paper, we want those too!
Submissions should be sent to Membership Coordinator Lyra Halsten at membership@ucdsm.org. You can send up to 36 photos. Be sure to name each photo or include a short blurb about what the photos are. If you would like to send a video, please make sure that it is shot in landscape, and is in either MP4 or MOV format. Include your first and last name as the file name and either. If the video is too large to e-mail, you may upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video. Then e-mail the link to Lyra so she knows it is there.
Thank you in advance for your submissions. There is nothing in our archives from the flu pandemic of 1918. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what our ancestors were thinking, feeling and doing during that time? What words of wisdom or encouragement might they have had to give us strength and hope in 2020? While we hope that nothing like this happens again, but if it does, what insights would you share with the First Unitarian members of 2120 and beyond?